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Thank you for stopping by! Here at Family Garden Store, we do our very best to provide our readers with tips and tricks in the garden and in the home. We have decades of experience in home making, and we want to share it with you.

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Home & Garden Tips & Tricks

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don't overgrow

Only grow as much food as you can store and use in a given season. Unless you sell at a farmer's market, only grow what you're going to use.

include herbs

Things like Basil, mint and parsley are easy to grow. Try growing common herbs yourself and avoid having to add them to the grocery list.

plant in blocks

Block planting makes efficient use of space by keeping the spacing between plants tight and eliminating unnecessary pathways.

vertical gardening

Make good use of limited space by trying vertical gardening. It's much easier than you think. Increase your yield by going vertical. All you have to do is give it a shot. 

pick at the peak

Preserve the flavor and nutrition of leafy greens, root crops and many other vegetables by refrigerating them, but don’t chill storage onions, sweet potatoes, shallots or tomatoes.

free fertilizer

Take advantage of free, nitrogen-rich fertilizers such as grass clippings and human urine. You can mulch crops with chemical-free grass clippings, or make a fertilizer tea by steeping clippings in water. Dilute 1 part urine with 20 parts water, and use the resulting tea in the garden and to feed seedlings.    

6 pieces

CASTLECREEK Complete Patio Dining Set 

An all-in-one set to outfit your backyard retreat. Party of 4, your table is ready! You don't have to spend a fortune to bring elegant style to your summer patio dining. You just need the CASTLECREEK Complete Patio Dining Set. It comes with a table, 4 chairs and an umbrella, all designed to last for years with quality materials like Textilene fabric, tempered glass, and powder-coated steel frames. The only question left is who you'll invite over.

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